Furnished Apartments in Yokohama, Kawasaki

User Policy

There are no updates or changes to a temporary lease agreement. No refunds will be issued due to your early termination of the contract period.
Changes or extensions of the period of use after you have submitted application will not be accepted as a matter of course.

Use of the property is limited to residential purposes. Non-residential purposes including commercial activities are strictly prohibited.
Entry and usage of the property by anyone other than the individual(s) registered in the lease is strictly prohibited.

Tenants agree to present official identification and understand that a photo copy of the ID will be retained on file.
Tenants agree to provide additional information should there be any changes or updates in regards to tenant names and contact information.
All tenants who have registered their names on the lease agreement will jointly agree to bear responsibility to fulfill the obligations as outlined in the lease agreement regardless of who the primary tenant is.
Official identification of the primary tenant and all other occupants will be prepared and presented prior to signing a lease agreement.
Failure to comply with any of the items listed above will be grounds for rejecting your application and grounds for refusing your request to rent an apartment.

There is no lease termination penalty fee if a 31-day notice is given.
However, if a 30-day notice is given, a lease termination penalty fee of 20% will be assessed. If a 14-day notice is given, a fee of 50% will be assessed. If a 7-day notice is given, a fee of 100% will be assessed. The above fees do not include any bank wire transfer fee.

Payment of amount due will be paid in full at the time of signing a lease as a general rule.

In order to allow staff to conduct professional cleaning after you move out, do not stay in the apartment or on the premises after you have surrendered your key on the day your lease terminates.
Extending your stay beyond the contract period is prohibited.
You agree to reimburse Rent Life for any losses associated with canceled contracts or delayed contracts that have resulted from your failure to leave the apartment at the end of your contract, or have resulted from extra time required to make repairs to damages in the apartment, or have resulted from extra time required to clean the apartment due to overt uncleanliness.
Return the key(s) of the property to the lessor.

During an emergency whether we are able to contact you or not, we retain the right to access the apartment to make immediate repairs, conduct inspections, etc., especially in cases of fire, flooding, billowing smoke, structural failure, etc.
Please cooperate with building security staff and our employees during routine patrols to ensure your safety and prevent crime. Please cooperate in showing any form of identity should you be asked to do so by such staff or personnel.

Your lease agreement will be immediately canceled, nullified, and no longer valid if you fail to observe the following rules

  1. Pets, dangerous items, toxic substances, etc. are not allowed on the premises.
  2. Do not cause any disturbance to public morals, or cause a nuisance to fellow tenants in the building and in the general neighborhood.
  3. Do not cook foods that create significant amounts of smoke or strong offensive odors.
  4. Do not attempt to renovation the apartment interior or exterior, or bring in or remove any furnishings.
  5. Do not conduct yourself in such a manner to that requires an intervention from the police.

Do not have any social or personal association with gangs, gang related companies, racketeers, or any associated persons who could be classified as an associate or member of an anti-social force as determined by the government.
Signing a lease in your name for the purpose of allowing a member or associate of an anti-social force to use the property will be grounds for immediate termination of your lease.

Rent Life will bear no responsibility whatsoever for any loss, damage, injury, death, or suffering that you may incur resulting from fire, theft, wind, flooding, earthquakes, manmade disasters, riots, natural disaster, or any other disastrous event that occurs on or near the premises of the building’s parking lot, the building, the apartment, or any part of the premises.
In addition, you will be held financially liable for costs related to repairs or replacement of any facilities, furnishings, equipment, fixtures, etc. resulting from your actions or neglect whether intentional or nonintentional. You agree to contact Rent Life immediately in the event that damage has occurred or repairs need to be made as result of occurrences beyond your control.
Tenants will bear the full cost of repairs or replacements resulting from defacement, breakage, etc., caused by you whether intentional or through negligence.

After the move, we ask you to organize and tidy the room.
You have the responsibility to respect the property during your contract period and agree to maintain and clean the apartment.
Rent Life assumes no responsibility for damages incurred by you due to clogged drains or failure of the air conditioner in cases where you failed to notify us in a timely manner.
Activities by you resulting in damages to other tenants in the building, or resulting in becoming a nuisance to your neighbors will be grounds for terminating your lease.
You will be billed and be required to fully pay for any damages resulting from your activities whether willful or through negligence.

House cleaning costs are determined by contracting professionals who will perform their duties at the time your lease expires. Cleaning costs that exceed the amount of your initial cleaning fee will be paid by you to the cleaning company upon their arrival to perform the cleaning.
The lessee agrees to pay any extra costs related to extensive cleaning that is required above and beyond standard cleaning for the removal of stains, removal or odors, damage repairs resulting from tobacco smoke whether or not the damage was intentional or as a result of negligence.

The lessor agrees to fully reimburse the lessee any advance payments that have been received in the case where a lease agreement must be terminated due the amount of time required to restore the property to its original condition resulting from the extensive damage and need for cleaning as a result of the previous tenant’s occupancy.
The lessee agrees that actions required to address any issue, trouble, or inconvenience that occur outside of standard business hours will be addressed upon a telephone call has been received by the lessor on the next business day after 10:00 a.m. The lessee further agrees that no refund will issued in the event the lessee is unable to obtain the key to the property due to the lessee’s failure to obtain the keys in a timely manner during business hours on business days of Rent Life Co., Ltd.

Feel free to inquire about vacancies or booking a reservation.

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Rent Life Co., Ltd.

Kaede Dai-2 Building 6F, 2-5-10 Shin-Yokohama Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 222-0033

Feel free to inquire about
vacancies or booking a reservation.

Telephone inquiry

Business Hours:10:00 to 18:30(Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday)

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Email inquiry

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